Friday, January 22, 2010

Barbie Princess Party!

To celebrate Kailyn's 4th birthday we threw a Barbie Princess party for 4 of Kailyn's friends! A ton of planning and time when into this occasion.....but I had a blast!Each of the girls came dressed in their favorite princess dress-up and brought along their Barbies too!After the girls had chosen a wand, been tattooed and decorated their tiaras with jewels, they went to 3 stations set up in the living room. The girls got their nails done, picked out lip gloss and put glitter on their eyes! This was all to get ready for our Barbie & Me fashion show that we put on for the moms:)The girls also decorated frames with Barbie stickers and more gems!Waiting at the top of the stairs for the fashion show! We also decked out our Barbies in new outfits for the occasion. As the girls came down the stairs I announced their names and the names of their Barbies! Then they got to walk down the runway and twirl or whatever they wanted to do. After they all had a turn they had their photo shoot with me:) The pictures went into their frames as a party favor!After the fashion show we played "Put the Tiara on Barbie!" What a blast!!!!!
The much anticipated Barbie cake!!! It was a pain to make....but it sure turned out cuter than I expected:)
After singing "Happy Birthday" we dug into the cake, along with M&M's, starbursts, Oreo cakes, carrots and cheese!All the princesses!! Aren't they adorable?!!!Our friends were very generous and creative with their gifts!!!! What a very special, blessed morning:)

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  1. What a very special occassion! You put so much effort into all of the details and the girls had a great time!