Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Baking!

Over the last few days we have been baking and decorating!!! The kids and I have made peanut butter tempation cookies, traditional Christmas cookies and our reindeer cookies! It is so much fun to bake with the kids and to give goodies away.....we just need to get everything out of the house so we don't eat it all:)The kids this morning putting frosting and sprinkles on their cutout cookies!
Kailyn kept with it and ended up doing about 10 cookies before she was finished and I think that was just because she had run out of frosting!I found these reindeer cookies in the "Family Fun" magazine last year and they are just so cute and easy! This morning Kailyn's job was to put on the chocolate chip eyes and Will's was to put on the nose......well Will kept eating the M&M's so I took over his job:) All in all another wonderful season of baking completed! This year was so much more fun with Kailyn really getting into it and being able to do alot of it herself.....can't wait to see what Will does next year:)

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