Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last week the kids and I decided to head to Mt. Pisgah to explore the dunes!  I tried to explain to the kids that there were a lot of steps that we needed to go up, but nothing prepared us for the 256 stairs to the top!! But so worth it for the view and the breeze:)
The kids by the map and information about Mt. Pisgah before we headed out.
The view......
The kids loved exploring the trails on the dunes the best....there was lots to look at, including where you were walking so you wouldn't trip!
Lots of fun trees for photo opportunities:)
This tree has got to be really old...we took this picture for daddy!
We packed a picnic and blanket in our backpack and finished with a picnic lunch in the shade on the much beauty right here in our own backyard!!!!  The kids and I decided that we need to bring daddy back with us in the fall when all the trees are pretty colors:)

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