Thursday, September 10, 2009

Threeschool Here We Come!

Kailyn had her first day of Threeschool today!!! So of course Mommy needed to get the before school shots!!:) For the first time I am not the teacher and had to reverse roles....I have to say it was nice! Anyway, Kailyn enjoyed it and is looking forward to next week when she will go without me!
Sporting the backpack!
By the car!
By the preschool door at school! So nice of them to plant a nice group of flowers for photo happy moms such as myself!
Kailyn found her locker and was excited to put her bag inside! She is getting really good at recognizing her name:)
Proud mommy!
Kailyn's favorite part was dress-up!! Anytime they were allowed to play she headed straight to the Cinderella dress.....she even asked about it this morning while we were getting ready:)
The kids getting ready to read the story "I Love School."

Kailyn's is the cement roller. She spent at least 20 minutes decorating it and giving it the "Kailyn sparkle."
Kailyn with her teacher Mrs. Brouwer!
When we got home, Aimee and Will were waiting at the door. Will walked up to Kailyn and gave her a HUGE hug!!! So sweet.....I think he missed his big sister (even though he had a great playmate while we were gone!) We headed to Mc D's for lunch to celebrate this special morning!!! Thanks Aimee for taking care of Will so that I could be involved in Kailyn's day!!

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