Thursday, May 7, 2009

Volksparade 2009

I guess the third year is a charm! I was finally able to go the the Wednesday parade for Tulip Time, it wasn't rainy or too cold this year. The weather was perfect - I actually almost cried when I checked the weather that morning because all threat of rain was gone and it was going to be a beautiful day! Thank you Lord!!! We had Ryan take the car to work (in case it rained, I had a way home) and to layout blankets along the parade route on his way to work. However, I was forgetting that I had a T.R.I.P. order to pick up and I needed it to pay a bill that was due! So, I left a half-hour earlier than I was going to so that we could walk up to Rose Park and pick it up. By the time I got there I needed to shed my coat and re-adjust the backpack that was carrying everything from sunscreen and toys, to diapers and our picnic lunch. We wanted to get downtown by 10 so that we could watch my cousin, Leslie, dutch dance. We even stopped to make a car payment on the way and mailed that payment I was talking about. By the time we got to the pedestrian bridge along River Ave, I had Kailyn walk it so that I could take a break from carrying the backpack. We made it in time to watch Leslie and do a little shopping and even return a book to the library! We found our blankets and had our picnic lunch once they closed off the streets! The location that Ryan chose was awesome and there were even bathrooms near by for the little ones! Thanks babe!

After lunch, while we waited for everyone that was going to join us- the kids had a wonderful time watching the fountain and trying to get wet!
Kailyn and her friend, Kennedy, had a great time watching the dutch dancers and dancing in the streets together!Everybody ready for the parade to begin!!

Kailyn was so excited about the parade and had a wonderful time! As you can tell she is very happy! After the parade, the kids and I walked home and were met by my mom and sister and her kids. They stayed for dinner and then Kailyn and I went with them to watch Aimee dutch dance! What a way to end the awesome day!

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  1. We had SO much fun!! Thanks again for saving us seats. You got some good ones of the girls.