Thursday, May 7, 2009


This week the kids and I took a day and went out to the beach! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it wasn't very busy. I took along a bunch of sand toys and at Kailyn's request packed a picnic! The kids enjoyed swinging, climbing the dunes, and taking a walk out to part of the pier. They even wanted to go to the water and swim:) I told Kailyn that in a few weeks we could see what the water temps were and maybe she'd be able to try:)Swinging was a hit, especially with Will. There weren't many little kids there, so we got to swing when we wanted. I'm sure that won't be the case later this summer!
Will proceded to dump the whole bag of toys out the minute I set it down!
He wouldn't look at the camera, so I just got some action shots:)Kailyn enjoyed smiling for me to grab some pictures. She really loved walking on the dunes in the trails and hearing her voice echo in the channel!He actually looked at me this time - but no smile!Kailyn posing again! I really wish I would have done something with her hair or had her take her hat off - this one is really cute!Again, Will not looking but Kailyn putting on a smile for Mommy!We went to the car to put the toys away and get our picnic. While the kids waited I had them wipe their hands. They looked so cute sitting there that I had to grab a picture.We chose to eat at a picnic table right by the end of the pier so that we could watch the boats coming and going. The kids ate pretty good and Will even sat like a big boy with no seat or stroller! Good job buddy:)They both loved the big rocks around the pier, so we chose some of the safer ones (by the beach) to take a few pictures!

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