Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Amazing Little Man!

This morning Will woke up crying around 2:30! We know that he had a big day with the aquatic center and drank a bit of chlorine, so he had not taken a very good afternoon nap either. Anyway, now that he has a big boy bed in his room, I just take my pillow and take him out of his crib and we lay in his bed until he falls back to sleep. This has only happened maybe 3 times since we put his bed in there. Once he is asleep, I just leave him to sleep in his big boy bed until morning and he does great!!! Well, this morning, the garbage truck came at 7 to empty the dumpter in the parking lot behind the house and soon after both kids were up. But instead of just yelling "mommy," I heard a weird noise and presumed it to be Will. I was right, there he stood opening his door and quietly saying "mommy" more like a question. Then Kailyn came out of her room and we had a few minutes to lay in bed as a family and wake up, even daddy hadn't gotten up yet! When we got up I walked into Will's room to shut off his heater, but he had already done it!!!! He had also opened his closet door on one side (as if he were looking for me in there):) We love watching you grow Will and we love both of you with all our hearts!!

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