Friday, April 3, 2009

Play hard!

With the beautiful day outside and knowing that it would be our last for awhile, I took the kids outside to play at the park. We all wore two layers of pants and sweatshirts with our hoodies, needless to say we really didn't need to be bundled that tightly. The kids had a great time and were the only ones at the park. After playing for awhile we walked to McDonald's to meet my grandma. Now Kailyn had ridden her bike to the park and wouldn't let me stop at home to drop it off and ride in the stroller, so she rode it all the way to the park and then from the park to McDonald's and then back home again! Such a big girl:)
Will has been into wearing his sunglasses for the past few days. He looks so darn cute!
Kailyn was just goofing around and being a 3 year old!
My grandma came back over to the house after lunch and we let the kids play outside for awhile before their naps. By that time we were minus a pair of pants and our hoodies:) We thank you Lord for the blessing of such a beautiful day and for family to share it with!

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