Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Something new

The kids and I were able to leave early this morning to pick up our T.R.I.P. order and head out to do some shopping. We were to Meijer by 7:45, where the kids enjoyed a oh so healthy donut for breakfast and helped me grab stuff off the shelf (only the stuff I needed though). They were so awesome and Will didn't even have a meltdown when he needed to let sister ride the horse! I decided then to head to Target, since it was cold enough outside to keep my groceries cold. There they got to pick one thing out of the dollar bins, which kept them occupied long enough for me to grab the last box of size 4 diapers and browse for a few minutes. From there I figured, hey we're out, we might as well go to Sam's club and pick up a few items! When we got to Sam's we headed straight to the cafe and ordered a pretzel (and a diet coke for mommy) to eat while I picked up what was on my list. The kids were amazing and I am feeling incredibly blessed to get so much done while spending time with them! I love you both so much, you made mommy very proud today:)We picked up these Kool-aid jammers drinks and Kailyn thought she was so cool! It's always fun to try something new!
Will took one sip and let it drool down his bib. He doesn't like much besides water to drink these days, but at least he tried it!

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