Friday, April 3, 2009

Open Wide....

Yesterday the kids had a dentist appointment at Dr. Port's! This was Kailyn's second and Will's first appointment! We were not sure what to expect from Will, but knew that Kailyn would be a big girl and do great. As predicted, Kailyn let the assistant take x-rays of her teeth and did whatever they asked of her. She even got to rinse and use the sucker, just like mommy and daddy. It was so funny too, because she would close her mouth before they were really done splashing the water on her teeth and she didn't really get that she needed to open her mouth all the way in order for the assistant to pull it out!
Will on the other hand, just played while sister got her teeth done and was a little curious when daddy took him and sat in a chair with the dentist. She was a little concerned because of the breathing treatments with pulmicort that he gets on a daily basis, so she gave him a flouride treatment which went fairly well considering he usually doesn't let us really mess around looking in his mouth:) When he was done he got a rubber froggy as a prize and was so proud of it! Kailyn also got to pick a prize and was sent home with a few other things! We are so proud of both of you!!!!!
Will getting his flouride treatment while daddy tried to make him forget what was happening by making faces:)
Letting Will get used to his surroundings before looking in his mouth!
Kailyn getting her teeth polished and seeming so old!
Getting x-rays and being told to look up while the machine took pictures of her bottom teeth!
Such a big girl! Not really knowing what an x-ray is, she doned the apron and smiled for the camera.

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