Monday, April 27, 2009

Showers of love for Aunt Libby

On Sunday afternoon, Kailyn and I were able to attend a wedding shower for Auntie Libby! We had such a great time and this was Kailyn's first "shower" and she literally thought we were going to take a shower, so Ryan explained to her that is was a big party to honor Aunt Libby. Kailyn didn't quite understand why she couldn't be at Libby's side but was a very big girl and helped play the games and loved the food and little treats that we got to take home:)Kailyn and Aunt Libby when we took a break for cake before opening her gifts!
Once Kailyn was told that she could stay by Aunt Libby and didn't have to stay in her chair anymore, she was all about it!
This was the gift that Kailyn and I picked to give at the shower and Kailyn was very proud of it!
It only took about 5 minutes for Kailyn to fall asleep on the way home, she didn't even suck her thumb or ask for "bear." For those who know her, you know those two go hand-in-hand when my little princess is tired! Anyway, we had a great time and got to know Chad's mom and sister better and are really looking forward to the wedding and our "planting party" in a few weeks. We love you Auntie Libby!!!!!!

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