Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prom '09

My "little" brother, Josh, had his junior prom on Friday night! He looked so handsome in his suit and vest. The last time I remember seeing him in a suit was for my wedding, and he was 9!! I know he has worn one since then, but that's the last mental picture that I have engraved in my mind. Anyway, he attended Unity's prom Friday night with Aimee (his "girlfriend") and then went to Zeeland's prom on Saturday night with her:) It sounds like they had a great time and I know we did taking pics and getting to know Aimee's family!We arrived shortly before Uncle Josh went to pick up Aimee, so we grabbed a few shots of him with the kids!
My handsome baby brother after he was "pinned" with his corsage:)
The beautiful couple! Don't they look great together:)Josh and Aimee with the kids! I know my kids already like her and they've only met her a couple of times - she is such a sweetheart!This is a different dress and suit coat for Saturday night's prom! This time Aimee put the flowers on Josh:) Way to go Aimee!!!!

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