Friday, June 18, 2010


Our last adventure, before heading home, was the Crayola Factory in Easton! As you can see from the pics, our kids were anything but happy and cooperative, but we did manage to still have some fun.Kailyn could have danced all morning if we let her! It was totally cool to see all the colors and dance moves she came up with....she can totally jam! One of the crafts that the kids actually did was to create an underwater scene and then they got to make bubbles by using bubble wrap and paint! When they were done they got to put their pictures in this drying machine, which was a hit!Their finished you can see they got a little help from mom and dad:)After painting our pictures, we headed to have some fun with Model Magic! And then upstairs to the canal museum to explore boats, canals and locks! Truth be told, our kids didn't get alot out of it, but what little kid doesn't love to play in the water, even daddy got in on some of the activities:)We ended our visit to Easton by going to the Crayola Factory Store, talk about a kid in a candy store, I loved it! Overall Easton was a fun place to go......but a long ways from home.

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