Friday, June 18, 2010

Chocolate World!

Who doesn't need a little chocolate in their lives? Well.....we did for sure!!! One of our stops while in Pennsylvania was to Hershey World to take the short tour that shows how they make the chocolate and then to the Hershey store to stock up on some of the good stuff:)
Riding the tour and loving it! Kailyn loved the cows....the main ingredient in chocolate - milk!
A dream world!We opted for just a picture instead of purchasing one big tummy ache!Will and Kailyn each got to pick a non-candy item at the Hershey store. Kailyn picked a cow (big surprise) and Will picked a ball with Hershey on it (another big surprise!).I think this was one of my favorite stops, not only because of the chocolate, but because it was nice and short and the kids were great!

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