Friday, June 18, 2010

Visits with Grandma Drayer

The main reason we decided to take a vacation to Pennsylvania was to visit Ryan's grandma!! She is living in an assisted living facility and has had several health issues and continues to struggle standing up and doing simple tasks without becoming short of breath. The last time we visited was when I was just pregnant with Kailyn, so we really wanted her to meet our children and vice versa. We were able to visit her on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before heading out of Middletown.We made grandma some paper flowers so that we could brighten her room and she could think of us when she looks at them. Talk about easy maintenance, she doesn't need to water them or do anything with them, really.We brought lots of activities for the kids to do while we visited. Among their favorites were their water color books and the story books I took from home!
I believe that we made grandma's week and she was really sad to see us go....hopefully we can go back again in a couple of years:)

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