Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tiptoe Through the Tulips 2011

Tulip Time this year was AMAZING!! The weather was (mostly) beautiful and Kailyn loved wearing her Middleburg Dutch costume to several events! We were also blessed this year to have a family member to watch dutch dance....way to go Leslie....thanks for giving my kids the gift of watching someone they love!My little dutch girl! At least 3 people asked to take her picture while she was in costume....I wasn't prepared for that, but she sure does look ADORABLE!

On Hope's anchor...the only picture I could talk Will into this year!
My kids with my cousin Leslie....our favorite dutch dancer:)
At the end of the dance, the Alumni usually have their kids come finish the dance with them...this year that meant that Leslie asked Kailyn and Will to come and dance with her......they LOVED it!As usual on Wendesday, we walked downtown from home and this year met my family early for a trip to the peanut store and a picnic lunch at our awesome spot along the parade route...thanks Ryan! The parade was full of bands and kept the kids entertained....we were also joined by some friends (but for some reason I didn't have the camera out!)The kids love the dutch dancing and decided to join in for a little while:) They provided several people with entertainment!Another year down....2011 Tulip Time was awesome and full of fun memories!

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