Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Fun Days!

One day a week I'm hoping to treat the kids to a "summer fun day!" These days would include fun things to do around Dutch Village! Which is just where we headed for part of this weeks fun day. We also had a picnic and played at a park and then headed downtown to the splashpad for a little water fun! I'd say our first summer fun day was a success:)Our first ride....pumper cars, Will's favorite!

The swings!We watched the dutch dance demonstration and then Kailyn joined in for the kids dance at the end:)The kids each walked a goat...too bad the goats weren't as excited as Kailyn and Will!brushing the bunnies:)My dutch little babies!Simply adorable!The kids love to sit on the various horses and carriages around the park...this one used to be a mail carrier.Playing dutch games!After our picnic and playing to get nice and hot, we headed to the splashpad:) I'm looking forward to many other summer fun days with my kids this year!

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