Friday, July 6, 2012

Tigers here we come!

 In June we were able to celebrate our 12th anniversary with a trip to Detroit!  We spent some time in Dearborn visiting the Henry Ford Museum and taking a tour of the Ford Rouge factory.  The picture below is one of their living's 10 football fields worth of sedum!
 We ate at Cheli's chili yummy!
My lover!
 Boys and their toys!
 The view from our room in downtown Detroit.....breath-taking!
 We ate at this place called "Redsmoke" in greek town.....the best BBQ joint we have ever been to:)
 We took the people mover to Comerica park and took in a Tigers game.  What a steamy, fun place to be!  They did lose, but that didn't bother us, we left after the 9th and got some Cold Stone!

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