Friday, October 8, 2010

Unexpected Fall Fun!

With the weather being forcasted in the 70's, I asked the kids where they would like to go play and they chose Tunnel Park. We've only been there once before and they loved the dune and being so close to the beach...I didn't even show them the tunnel until today! So we packed a lunch and headed to Tunnel park to play on this beautiful fall day!At the top of the stairs, ready to run down the dune!The kids weren't very interested in the playground today, but I did get these two shots before we brought out the sandtoys and ate lunch! Then they wanted to go through the tunnel again, so I grabbed the sandtoys and we headed to the beach, where I wasn't really expecting them to go in the water once they put their feet in! Boy was I wrong! As you can see from the next few pictures, they both went the whole way in, fully clothed! It was numbingly cold.....I don't know how they could stand it, but the main thing is.....they had a BLAST!!!!! So we stripped for the car-ride home and took hot showers before naptime.....gotta love unexpected fun days:)
Love your fun-loving spirits Kailyn and Will!

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