Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Tonight I got to get away by myself and shop for fabric with my girlfriend Lindsey. We picked out some fabric for a new dress and some PJ's for Kailyn and also some matching ones for her new doll she'll be getting for Christmas. While I was gone Ryan took the kids up to the tree farm to play with Maggie (the dog) and see if Uncle Aaron was around. What a night of fun.......throwing rocks (a.k.a. raccoon poop) and talking about what squirrels eat. The following is the conversation my family had:

Kailyn: "Daddy, what do squirrels eat?
Ryan: "They eat nuts!?
Kailyn: "GROSS!"
Ryan: "Not really, we eat nuts. Like peanuts and walnuts....."
Will: "and Donuts !"

Even though I wasn't there I can only imagine how priceless this little conversation will be!

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