Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today's family advent activity was sledding, so we put on the winter gear and headed to Van Raalte Farm!!! We've had to move this one around due to the weather, but tried it today even though we figured the hill would be pretty icy. Well....that was an understatement, but the kids had a great time going down the big hill....they didn't seem to mind the bumpy, jarring ride as much as us old folks:) Will did however dislike the cold breeze in his cute little face, so I took my scarf off and tied it around his mouth and tried to cover as much of his face as I could. Well....he ended up completely covering his face with the scarf, especially when going down the hill. About the second or third time down we were also down one sled because Kailyn and Ryan hit a bump particularly hard and apparently at the perfect angle to completely crack open the sled!!!Don't know if you can tell in this picture or not how icy the hill was.....the climb back up was particulary challenging:)My precious princess....she really would have liked to go down the hill by herself, but due to the icy conditions we didn't allow it this time.....but we will be doing this again sometime soon, we all had a great time!
This is how he would put the scarf before we headed down the hill....silly boy!
Sitting in the truck enjoying some nice warm caramel steamers!!!!Our one sled down....Ryan highly recommends not using a sled coated with non-nuclear cereal varnish:)

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