Thursday, December 30, 2010

Watch Me!!!!!

Last night we had the priveledge of staying in a hotel.....but not just any hotel, one with a pretty good sized splash pad/waterpark!!! Yesterday we met up with our friends, the Meyerings, and checked-in to a hotel in GR. Even though it took the guys about 30-40 minutes to check-in, while Katie and I were left in our cars with the kids, the time was so worth it....we had an amazing time!!!! Upon entering our room, the kids were pretty much already undressed and ready to go:) We also discovered the Manager's reception and free food along with lots of Diet Coke...all for the taking, which suited our hungry little ones just fine while we waited for our pizza (which took forever because the driver got lost!). The kids had a really good time playing with their friends and didn't want to get out of the pool today when it was time to go....and we let them swim past check-out time and longer than we had planned!My little water rats!Watching Brother Bear before bed:)Telling daddy something about the big slide....the kids weren't big enough this time to go down it, but I'm sure in the near future they will be!Taking a snack break today while they watched all the other people swimming!
It was so refreshing to get away, even for one night! Thanks Kevin and Katie for joining us....we had a great time and hope we can do it again sometime soon:)

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