Thursday, July 21, 2011


Knowing that this week was going to be extremely hot, we headed out to find some new crafts/projects to try!  We found some clearance crafts at Hobby Lobby and scored t-shirts at the $ store.....we weren't sure at the time what we were going to do with them, but this morning we tryed our hands at using bleach to tye die!
I gave each of the kids a squirt bottle (after taking off every piece of clothing except unders) with a solution of 50% water/ 50% bleach and they got to work soaking the shirts (which we had twisted for a spiral effect)!
We were a little unsure as to what our finished products would look like (and for some reason Will's blue shirt turned out better), but we are pretty happy with the resulting tye die:) 
You can't really see the spirals on Kailyn's red shirt as well, but I'm hoping as they dry the bleach lines will stand out more!  If not, we might try again with a different bottle of bleach:)

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