Monday, July 11, 2011

A Patriotic Parade on Wheels

This year on the 4th we were invited to participate in a bike parade by our friends, the Meyerings!  Being that we rarely have plans for the 4th we were really excited about the possibilities:)  So I headed to the Dollar Store to find some things we could decorate with and rumaged through some bins downstairs and came up with some stuff that would work!  That morning we headed out to the breezeway to decorate (or shall I say so that Ryan and I could decorate) the bikes. 
We rode down the Hienz boardwalk and around Kollen park handing out candy to everyone we saw and wishing them a "happy 4th!" 
All decked out and ready to get started:)
The crew....all friends of the Meyerings who dreamed up the whole thing!!!!  Thanks for the invite and for giving our 4th a little sparkle!!!!

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