Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Boy Bed:)

After much deliberation, Ryan and I decided to get Will his own big boy bed! The problem was that he could crawl out of his crib and we were concerned he would hurt himself (for those of you who know how accident prone he already is!). Anyway, my parents had an old twin bed frame that they were willing to give us and Ryan refinished it to match his dresser (which he also refinished). So all we needed to get was the mattress and a waterproof pad. I had already bought his comforter and a set of sheets, so we were ready to roll! He is only taking his afternoon naps in it at this point and doing really well - I'm not sure I'm ready to put him in there for the whole night yet:) Kailyn was so excited for him, it was totally adorable to witness. She even helped me make up his bed and we "surprised" him with his bed all made up and looking cute!

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