Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Passport to the butterflies!

On Monday Ryan surprised all of us by taking the day off! We had talked about wanting to take the kids to see the butterflies at Fredrick Meijer Gardens, so that's what we did:) Neither one of us had ever been there to see them and we knew that Kailyn would absolutely love it! We weren't sure what Will would do, but we wanted to at least try. The kids had a riot and Will got so excited anytime a butterfly came near him (even though he was usually the one trying to get the butterflies). Neither one of the kids really understood that you needed to stay on the sidewalk, so we were constantly reigning them in and they got pretty dirty, but that is what being a kid is all about: learning and curiosity (and yes, even getting dirty)! We even got to go out to the children's garden and do some butterfly activities as well as walk around the garden and let the kids run off some energy:) We decided we definitely need to go back to the gardens when it's a little bit warmer outside! Thanks daddy for the wonderful day!!!
We had to wait for a whole school group to take all their pictures ahead of us, so by the time the kids were able to take their turn they weren't as enamored with it!

Kailyn received a little "passport" to help us identify the butterflies when we walked in. This is where all the butterflies come out of their chrysalis' and Kailyn is trying to match them to her book!
The kids are both screaming with delight as the butterflies are moving around by them!
There was a ton of butterflies in this certain corner of the greenhouse so the kids and I just gravitated towards it. Will sees some up in the air and is pointing them out to his daddy!

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