Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's go to the park!

This week we were able to enjoy the beautiful weather that the Lord blessed us with and we went to the park! Now Will doesn't remember the park and therefore he cried half the way there:) But once we got there the kids had a riot! They went from the dino, to the swings, to the slides and bars and back again. The best part was that we had the whole park to ourselves! Will can do things that he previously couldn't do himself and it made going to the park a great way to spend our morning. I love you Kailyn and Will!!!
This year Will can climb up to the curvy slide all by himself! He loves to go down on his tummy.

Both Kailyn and Will had fun going through the tube!
She looks too old in this picture! She was waiting for me to help her with the monkey bars!My precious little man just happy to be outside:)


  1. Cute, cute pics. The warm up was aweseome, wasn't it? The rain kinda stinks.. thanks for the FL wishes.. we can't wait! I just pray the drive goes well. Looking forward to getting together when we're back. Wishing you a great week.