Friday, February 19, 2010

Beach Day and Butterflies!

Can you tell we have spring fever? The past few days we have been finishing up the letter what better way than to have a beach day! We hauled out some shorts and t-shirts and set up the living room with our beach umbrella, towels and some "water"(a blue sheet). We read some beach books, the kids had a picnic with Aimee and we went "swimming" complete with goggles, swimmies and life jackets:) We also talked about shells and painted some of our own, using jumbo pasta shells.Kailyn looks so adorable in her sun hat!!!!
With today being our final day of Bubba Bear's visit, we completed out letter b page for our alphabet book and reviewed it's sound and named all the things we could think of that start with b! We also made these adorable butterflies in hopes that spring may truly be right around the corner:)

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