Monday, February 15, 2010

It's About Love!

We had a lot of fun in the days before valentine's doing crafts, playing games and making food! This year valentine's seemed to creep up on me and I wasn't totally we did a few simple things this year. For starters we made these adorable heart sun catchers! The kids had fun gluing all different sizes and colors of tissue paper inside their hearts, but the end result was what was so rewarding....they are so cute!The next few days consisted of sorting different size hearts, reading valentine books, painting with heart cookie cutters and making these elephants out of hearts! I used to do this with my first graders every year (but with all different animals) and they always turn out so good!
We also made homemade cards for daddy and both sets of grandparents! We used Kailyn and Will's hand print to make a heart and then added stickers and some text to the front and inside of each card....Kailyn even signed her own name:)
The day before valentines we did our conversation heart sort...but this year Will got to join in the fun!! Both kids did a fantastic job sorting their hearts by color and then we counted and compared, using less or greater, how many of each one the kids had! Kailyn even got to graph her outcomes before eating all her hearts.For lunch, daddy made us heart-shaped pancakes...yum!The kids and I also baked a cake in the morning and Ryan and I got to finish it by decorating! We took the cake to dinner with the Stehouwer family and it was devoured:) The kids did a great job!
On Valentine's Day we got to give daddy his card and some Starburst jelly beans (his fav) and the kids got Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinos!!! We finished the afternoon by playing some valentine bingo, using valentine M&M's as our chips....Will's favorite part was eating them:) Thank you Lord for all the Loves in my life!

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