Friday, February 5, 2010

Bubba Bear Visits!

Today I introduced Kailyn and Will to the letter B!!! So Bubba Bear (from Zoophonics) came for a visit with the kids! We talked about how much Bubba likes honey and that his body and the hive are in the shape of the letter b. We also acted like Bubba Bear by getting some honey from the hive and eating it, while making the "bbb" sound!!! Bubba Bear brought a bag of goodies for the kids to bread, beans, blanket, bear, boat, Barbie, bubbles, bell, bowl, brush, etc. Kailyn and Will really enjoyed taking turns reaching into the bag and pulling out one of Bubba's treasures! Once they got an item out of the bag I asked them to make the b sound and then say the word of whatever they were holding....they both did really well:) Thanks Bubba Bear!After we named all the "b" items, we read the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? We looked for the words that started with Bubba Bear's sound and then used the last page to find all the colors that start with "B". Once we found the three colors....the kids used them to color a picture of a lower and uppercase b.
Coloring their b's with blue, black and brown! I also had them find and pick out the 3 colors from all the crayons in their pencil boxes....good color recognition!After we do some activities together I put out the little centers that I created (with the help of The Mailbox). One is snowmen that they need to put buttons on that match the hat, another is letter recognition and the other is feeding penguins a certain number of fish!
I'm really working on number recognition with Kailyn as she really only knows 1! However, she is getting better the more we work on 1-5:)
I would like to take this opportunity (since this is my second post with Zoophonics) to thank my friend, Lindsey, for downloading all the animals for my personal use!! This is a program that has been proven and I've seen how effective it is....but is also expensive! So thanks again, Linds!

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