Friday, March 12, 2010

Pirates & Princesses!

Last Friday night we were able to attend Holland Christian's family fun night! Now it's been a while since I've been to a fun night, and this time I got to go as a parent and not a teacher, so it was a first for our whole family:) The night's theme was "pirates and princesses" and many of the attendees were dressed up as one or the other...well, we had no clue about dressing up so we just went as we were. We did stop in to make a princess and pirate hat though, and Kailyn recieved many compliments throughout our hour there about her princess hat!
The kids shared a game ticket and were able to play quite a few games. Some games handed out prizes while others just gave tickets, which you redeemed at the prize room when you were done. Obviously, the kids didn't get too excited about recieving tickets, but they sure had fun picking out a few trickets with those tickets before we left:) Will even won a goldfish- which we have yet to get! All in all, a wonderful night was had by everyone and we thank God for the blessing of being able to share it as a family!

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