Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"We all scream for Hudsonville Ice Cream!!!!"

Today we got to tour the Hudsonville Ice Cream plant in Holland, with the Meyerings who were offered a private tour b/c Katie mentioned them in her blog!!! What an experience....we got to see where the ice cream is made and tested and even got to go in the HUGE freezer where all the ice cream is stored until distribution!!! The tour was given so that the kids could understand it and I couldn't believe how fun the atmosphere was once inside the plant itself. When you first walk into the back you are greeted by a wall of colorful portraits, all having to do with ice cream of course!!!! We also couldn't believe how clean everything was.....it was amazing! The daddies even got to take a little time off work to join us!!!The murals were so well done and simply adorable!They were full on phonetic spelling, typical of little kids and a blast to read:)Our guide really geared it towards the kids and kept them interested, while at the same time answering our many questions throughout the tour.The freezer.....brrr...........Before we left we had hoped to get to taste some of the yummy ice cream that we had seen being made....but oh no......our tour guide handed each of the families a cooler and headed to a freezer case full of half-gallons of ice cream!!!!!! He had each family pick out 6, because he said that's how many fit inside.....6!!!!!! We even got one that you won't find yet on the shelves at the store:) Yummy!!!!!!!I scream, You scream, We all scream for Hudsonville Ice Cream!!!!!!

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