Friday, March 12, 2010

Potty Training!

We are on our third day of potty training with Will, using the "3 Day Potty Training" e-book by Lora Jensen and things are going good! On the first day we went around the house and found all the diapers and threw them into a trash bag.....then we took it onto the breezeway (where mommy later hid it in the garage to donate or give to someone who can use them!) Then we put on the first of many pairs of clean underwear! The first day was very frustrating as Will needed to learn to feel when he needed to go on the potty. I think I washed at least 20 pairs of underwear that first day. Day 2 wasn't quite so bad....he went through 5 pairs of underwear and was starting to communicate to us when he had to go (although usually after going a bit in his undies). We decided to just day train our little man due to the fact that he sleeps like a rock and never woke up for us (even when we tried to wake him) to go on the potty. So, he gets to wear special "undies" to bed! Today is day 3, and although he isn't up from his nap yet, I am hoping he is dry, like he has been for the last 2 days!!!! Today he is also telling me "I peed" when he has a few dribbles in his undies and we run to the bathroom. He also went #2 on the big boy potty this morning....I, of course, was thrilled:) My big boy all excited to wear his Lightning McQueen undies!I've had to keep Will close by, so he has been doing lots of things at the table while I make lunch or dinner or whatever it may be. This picture was just too cute not to post. He's doing Kailyn's princess puzzle:) You're doing a great job buddy! Keep up the good work!!!

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  1. Way to go Momma! Your efforts are paying off! You've been on my mind the last couple days for sure!