Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Zoo says "BOO!"

Friday afternoon (after our visit to GVSU), we headed to non other than McD's to meet up with Avery and Jack! Then we went to John Ball Zoo for the Zoo says Boo event. What a blast! The kids got to trick or treat through the woods which were decorated with graveyards, spiders, pumpkins and more. They received tons of goodies and even got to see a few of the more active animals:)Girls....did you see the big spider behind you????AARRRRR, matey....the kids found the pirates treasure!My knight in shining armour slaying the dragon!All of the kids (except Will) made a creepy creature craft.....they turned out pretty kooky.Jack was Buzz (obviously), but he'd randomly walk up to people and puff out his chest like this and just look at was hilarious!The zoo definitely says "BOO!" We'll be sure to mark this event on our calendars for years to come! Thanks Andrea for suggesting it:)

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