Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baggies, Shower Curtain and Valance, Oh MY!

Here' s a preview of all the projects I've worked on recently! The baggies are reusable with a wipeable liner and velcro closure. I made them from the extra material left over after I did the kids' initial shirts! My friend Wendi took the time to draw step-by-step directions for me, so my confidence was high! Thanks again Wendi!The following pics are of the new shower curtain I made for my bathroom with a matching valance. We also purchased a roman shade for the window. Now that we've lived in this house for 4 years, I feel like I really know what we'd like in each room in terms of decor, so I'm working one room at a time! Our bedroom windows are next.....the bare curtain rods are just calling for some pizzaz:)
The pattern is called "floating petals" and I fell in love with it....we're planning on re-painting the walls in a muted gray color after we patch up some water damage on the walls and ceilings and replace the vanity! (I'm talking sometime in the next 3 years, but hopefully we can do a little at a time.)

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