Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Being that I homeschool my rugrats, we had the flexibility to take our "spring break" at a different time than all the area schools. There were a few reasons why this worked really well this year, the first being that we had made it only up to letter y and I didn't see the point in stopping there and then coming back to z! The second being that we were able to hit all the local hot spots without all the crowds and chaos:) We kicked off the week with an 80 degree Sunday and lots of time outdoors, including a campfire and hobo pizzas! On Monday we headed to Crazy Bounce for a few hours of fun and then ran a few errands before heading home to play outside again. Tuesday we went to Kailyn's ballet class and then to the Aquatic Center. The kids had a great time in the water and can't wait to go on vacation to a HUGE waterpark in a month! We ended our outing by having Pizza Hut with daddy and then headed to the library. After a phone call from my sister, we decided to head to the mall for a ride on the carousal and to check out build a bear and then headed over to my sister's house for the kids to play and for me to get my hair highlighted. She also ended up cutting Josh's, Micheal's and Will's hair!!! We ended a very long day by getting dinner from McD's with my sister, her kids and my brother. We were also able to see my dad on the way home!!! Wednesday I took the kids to try something new....paint their own pottery at Paint a Pot! They both got to choose what they wanted to paint and in what colors. Kailyn chose a mug with a heart on the front and Will chose a small T-Rex dino. After picking colors they both got right to work. Will finished in about 20 minutes where Kailyn and I took about an hour and a half each!Our finished products (before glazing and the kiln)!

We are already looking forward to picking up our pieces in a week! We are having such a great spring break! Today we just chilled at home and waited for our dryer to be delivered. It's been full of Wii and baking and water painting.

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