Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today we took a field trip to the Fredrick Meijer Gardens to see the butterflies!!! We are learning about caterpillars and butterflies in preschool and the butterflies are almost done at the gardens, so we talked Grandma Stehouwer into joining us and headed to GR. Even though the weather outside is really soggy, the weather in the greenhouse was balmy and warm. The kids loved "I spy-ing" butterflies and being detectives! We even saw a huge one that had sparkly blue wings when they opened!The butterfly detectives!This moth had just cracked out of it's chrysalis during the night and was drying it's wings. They told us that this particular kind of moth has no mouth, so it will only live 2 days because it can't eat.These were the most common ones that we saw, although the patterns were all different.This is another large blue appears it's wing is torn up so we're not sure it could fly.Here is one on the nectar feeders that are set up in the garden....the kids also got to see one eat some nectar out of a flower!My adorable butterflies:)

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