Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Animals, Rides and Tractors, Oh My!!!!

Tonight the kids and I headed out to the Hudsonville fair with my mom! The plan was to see the animals, ride a few rides and sit on as many tractors as possible. Well....we did all these things, but had our hands full with my two little munchkins!! Kailyn had spent the night and all day with my mom, and therefore didn't get as much sleep as her little body requires without putting her in a mood! And Will is just Will and can't tell us yet, using words, what his deal is. So needless to say I am so thankful for my mom and the fact that she has the patience of Job...Thanks mom, I love you!!!!They were taking this sheep out to show and the girl stopped to let us pet it!
Lazy Pigs!The first ride the kids got to go on together. It was a little train that was on tracks and the kids had "steering wheels." You couldn't wipe the smile off their faces.....one of the sweetest moments of the night for sure! This guy was doing a kid show every few hours and we just happened to catch one! He had singing and dancing and some instruments for the kids to play. Unfortunately my kids were getting hungry, which for those of you with small kids know can cause some different moods! However, Kailyn really did enjoy herself while she was able to participate:)
Here they are stomping like dinosaurs!
Here the kids are finally getting to ride the carousel. We made them wait because we only had so many tickets and the adults needed one too. But, we could tell that our time at the fair needed to come to an end....so we spent our last tickets on this ride instead of going on two more...the kids never knew the difference!The next few pictures are of the kids on several different tractors...I think Will got on every single one! We also ran into my sister and her family and I was able to get a few pictures with Michael too:)
A lot of the big tractors were locked, but the kids enjoyed climbing up the steps and standing on the "decks" for a while.One of the more tender moments between these two....I love your hair Michael!The wheels on these things were just so huge...Will could sit right in the wheel wells:)

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  1. Looks like a good time! What a great place to let the kids loose. You can see it in the smiles on the kids faces that they enjoyed every minute.