Wednesday, August 5, 2009


For the kids' second birthday we take them to Build-A-Bear to make and dress a bear! So, on Monday we headed to Rivertown and made Will a bear! Kailyn took her bear, Koda, in hopes of getting a new outfit for her:) Will didn't quite understand the whole thing, but his bear, Destroyer, sure turned out cute.Watching the bear get stuffed and stitched up!They both had a great time giving their bears a bath!! Kailyn even found some bear brushes and brushed her bear's hair:)After the bear-making we headed to the carousel- another birthday treat!!! The anticipation was half the fun:)Kailyn had already picked out which horse she wanted to ride over a week ago when we visited the mall, so Will just took the horse next to hers. She said it was the one with "wavy hair"!

The birthday boy ready to go!
When the ride was done, I got the best picture. Will had a melt-down when it was time to move on - such a two-year-old! After the ride we headed to Olga's for lunch - yum!Will chillin with the "Big D" before nap time on Monday!! I bet you could have never guessed that he would have picked the football accessories:)

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