Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!

Will's second birthday was on July 31st! So to celebrate, family and friends gathered on Saturday night for a football extravaganza!!!! The theme was football and I took it to the limits:) We had football invitations, mylar balloons, decorations and of course the cake! I also took green butcher paper and covered the counters with it and made yard lines to make it look like a football field! I have to admit I absolutely had a riot planning for this party! It's also my brother's senior year playing football this year - so I decided to kickoff the season right:) As everyone arrived, they picked out a football tattoo to wear for the evening! What fun!These invitations took forever!!! But they sure turned out cute:) Those in attendance were: Great-grandma Bos, Grandma and Grandpa Kole, Uncle Josh and Miss Aimee, Todd and Kristi, Michael and Brook, Uncle Chad and Aunt Libby and Uncle Aaron.
The kids all decked out in their football gear - all the way down to Kailyn's hairbow!
Waiting patiently for our guests to arrive! Everybody was running a little late, except for Josh and Aimee (which I'm sure has everything to do with the fact that Josh had to pick Aimee up!) and my grandma! It ended up being a rainy night so we were stuck inside without the basement playroom! Needless to say it was a little bit loud at times! The spread of food! We did all tail-gating types of food with burgers and hot dogs.Some pictures of the decorations before everybody came! The house was decked out to be sure! I also had four huge football mylars that don't seem to be in any pictures!
Our special football cake donned with Uncle Josh's helmet and football picture!Before we could get the helmet over to the cake Will had to wear it for a few minutes:)
The next several are of Will opening gifts. Our family and friends were incredibly generous and gave from their hearts! It's great to have people that know our son so well:)
The football potty seat from Grandpa and Grandma was a hit! From the minute he saw it- he wanted to take it to the potty and use it!Our first remote control!Giving Great-Grandma a hug for the balls she gave him!
It didn't take Will long to get creative with the potty seat! (Especially since he isn't at all interested in potty training yet!)
He sat on the potty seat for most of the time while he opened presents:) Silly boy!
The last thing to be given to Will was this adorable football toy box!! What a perfect ending!Even with all his other toys, he insisted on using the potty seat throughout the rest of the party!Saying "Cheese" for the cake pictures!
We learned something about our son through this party and that is that he is incredibly shy when he's in the spotlight. The whole time we were singing "Happy Birthday" to him he put his head down and turned red!!!!Wearing the helmet one more time before eating cake!!! Hopefully we didn't leave anything in it for Uncle Josh to discover later!
After Uncle Josh left, he tried to wear one of the little helmets that I had put on the cupcakes:)

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  1. Looks like Will's birthday was a blast! Happy Birthday Will.