Friday, November 13, 2009

Dolly and Me Tea Party!

Today Kailyn and I were invited to a dolly and me tea party to celebrate one of Kailyn's friends, Kaitlyn's, half birthday! Kailyn needed to dress in her finest dress and jewels to go to the party (which is right up her alley) and her dolly, Emma, needed to be dressed up too! When we arrived a craft table was set up for the girls to make a crown and a princess bracelet.

Then we headed downstairs where there were tons of things for the girls to do after they dropped their dolls off at dolly daycare (which was a room full of cribs and diapers and rocking chairs for the babies). There was a nail painting/stickers station, a place for the girls to pick out stick-on earrings and a ring (which Kailyn picked Ariel from the Little Mermaid). There was also a place for the girls to buy their dolls dress-up outfits and even a dressing room for them to get them dressed!!!!! There were also vanities where the girls could do their nails or put on make-up or do their hair.....Lindsey thought of everything:)Kailyn in the dressing room with Emma......Lindsey is taking a picture from above so Kailyn is looking up!
Washing Emma's "hair".....she then proceded to blow dry it and curl and comb it!!!!
Driving the "van" with baby Emma in the carseat way in the back:)

Once the girls had a chance to play for awhile they gave a fashion show!!!! Lindsey rolled out a roll of wrapping paper as the runway and the girls eached announced them and their dolls before twirling down the runway!!!All the girls and their dolls!
After the fashion show, we headed upstairs to have tea. Their was a little table set up with enough highchairs for all the dolls and even play cookies and cake and teacups for each doll. So the girls first served their babies tea and goodies and then headed to the big girl table!The girls singing "happy half birthday" to Kaitlyn before heading to the goody table that had all sorts of yummy treats! They also got to drink princess tea (pink lemonade) from real teacups!
The assortment of treats!
Kailyn's plate of goodies that she got all by herself!!!! Thank you so much Lindsey and Kaitlyn for inviting us to share such a special party with you and for the adorable fuzzy purse filled with special princess things:)

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  1. Awww... your pictures turned out so well! I might just steal your post and add it to my blog! :) I'm so glad that you and Kailyn (and Emma) could make it and that you had fun!