Friday, November 20, 2009

Giving Thanks!

In an effort to teach my kids about Thanksgiving I set up this display on our slider. On one side we make sure to thank the One who gave us everything and on the other side we write the things we are thankful for on turkeys! This year has been so fun because Kailyn knows what she is thankful for and Will just repeats everything she says:) We have also been reading many books and doing tons of crafts! I love special holidays and seasons when I can focus on the real meaning of things with my was one of the things I looked forward to the most with having my own children!We even did some baking and turned this sugar cookies into turkeys! This is one of the highlights so far and will definitely get more fun as the kids get older and can do more by themselves. But they loved putting on the candy corn feathers and the M&M eyes and of course....eating them!What follows are just a few of the crafts that we have done this year....we'll probably do a few more as Thanksgiving approaches but we've done most of the good ones. The kids also enjoyed just coloring a picture of a turkey and trying a color-by-number turkey!On the feathers are some of the things the kids are thankful for!

I had never done hand print turkeys with my own kids.....we even made some on a Happy Thanksgiving sign we made for great-grandma...she said she had never seen anything like that!We can't forget the pilgrims and what they went through so that they could worship our great God!

Thank you Lord for everything that you have blessed us with......we are truly grateful!

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  1. Hi Kelly! My husband Kevin just started working with Ryan. He's been telling me about all the ways are lives seem to parallel. It's fun that our kids are similar in age. It looks like you enjoy being home with them and doing great projects. I love the turkey cookies. And your Thankful Turkeys turned out much cuter than ours. Last year ours were pretty neat b/c I did most of the work;), I guess I struggle to give up the control but our 5 year old thought he was ready to do his own...
    You might actually enjoy getting ideas from (and submitting them to) the educational blog I run with a friend of mine (another Katie).
    I'll look forward to meeting you and your family some time. Happy Thanksgiving!