Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Day!

We decided to make this past Sunday a family day!!! With Ryan being so busy at work and then coming home to work in the yard or the basement, the kids and I haven't gotten to see a ton of him. Not only that but the weather was AWESOME!!!! So we had a Bible story and craft at home and did some singing before heading outdoors. The first stop was the park, where the kids enjoyed swinging (higher than we can at home) and the slides. Another hit was sidewalk chalk, I just happened to grab it on the way out of the garage and I think the kids (and Ryan) spent a good 20 minutes drawing each of our family members and tracing our shoes:)The next stop was the deck to dine outside for lunch!!!!!The last stop was the dirt area behind the garage......they probably would have stuck with it the whole afternoon, but Ryan and I had some painting to do in the basement, so naps were a necessity!

We all headed back outside after naps and played until there was no more light.....what a perfect family day!

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