Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree......!!!!

Last Sunday night we decided it was finally time to put up the Christmas tree! That's right it was only November 15, but that is actually a little late for the Stehouwer household to be getting up the tree and all the trimmings! Will and I had cleaned the living room really well one day while Kailyn was in Threeschool in preparation! I had just started to get out a few things here and there but was ultimately waiting for Ryan to finish the basement......which we concluded would not be until after Thanksgiving. So after moving a few things around and turning on some Christmas music (Mercy Me) we hauled up the tree and the trimmings!In our family, one of our Christmas traditions is that every year the kids get to pick out an ornament to put on the tree. This year Will chose a football helmet and Kailyn picked a ballerina (no big surprises there if you know our children)!
Finding just the perfect place on the tree for their special ornaments!Will and Kailyn stuck with it for a long time, putting on almost every ornament that they could find or were allowed to put on.....needless to say the bottom of the tree was spectacular:) I ended up having to move at least half and disperse them evenly on the tree!
The finished Christmas tree!!! Will was in awe and Kailyn was loving it as usual. Thank you Lord for special moments and traditions!

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