Thursday, August 5, 2010

Din-o-mite Birthday Bash!

On Sunday night we celebrated Will's birthday some more....but this time with his requested guests: Gavin, Kooper and Kolter, along with their families and sisters (who just happen to be Kailyn's age)! We also invited Uncle Chad and Aunt Libby and Uncle Aaron to join us for a roaring good time! As our little guests arrived, they followed the dino footprints into the house and to the slider where they picked out a dino mask, tatoo and a party hat! Then it was off to the deck and then a yummy dinner which included many of William's favs.After our first game....the dino walk. What a fun time!Happy to be opening more gifts:)A gator that looks like it is full of friend Katie said she tried to find a clean one because she knows how I am, but I'm glad she picked out this one because Will loves it!
He also got a cute triceratops that roars and moves and an awesome book of Tonka puzzles!
Following me up front to play our Dino egg hunt game. They found all the eggs in no time and then headed back to the deck to open them up and see what was inside!Handing out goody bags so they could put their treasures in them and take them home:)
I had such a fun time planning this party that I was a little sad to have it over with........Thank you to all our special guests who made turning 3 so much fun!

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