Monday, August 16, 2010

Summertime Wednesdays!

Each Wednesday this summer we were priveledged enough to go to my Aunt Kim's house and swim in the afternoons! This is the first year that we have really been able to go consistently and skip naps, which made for a very fun summer! My kids are seriously part fish and would swim every day, all day if given the opportunity. Will also learned to jump in by himself with just swimmies!!! We are so proud of how much the kids have learned and are able to do this year and hope that their love for water continues:)A rare mother/daughter's usually all about a cousin or grandma, so this was nice for a change!
Kailyn's favorite new game with Haley! Kailyn would sit on the raft and Haley would go under the water and make her wait and then.......she'd push up the raft and in Kailyn would go with a little screaming and lots of laughter!!!!! Thanks Aunt Kim for allowing us to have such a fun summer by hosting us every Wednesday....Love you!

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