Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hudsonville Fair 2010!

Tuesday night we ventured to my old stomping grounds and took the kids to the Hudsonville Fair, as we've done every year since Kailyn was a baby! The kids had a great time looking at all the animals and choosing a couple of rides to go on. Will didn't really remember what the fair all entailed, so he asked lots of questions on the way was precious! Kailyn on the other hand totally remembered and helped us tell Will all about it:)One of the kids' favorite was the train was slow and didn't go up or down.Watching the kids show and participating with the other kids!
About half way through the show Will spotted the John Deere's, so he and daddy took off to go sit on every one:)The kids got their faces painted....Kailyn chose a rainbow and Will chose a cute!

The kids chose this elephant ride as the last ride......they had a blast going up and down and around at a pretty good clip!We ended the night in the barns before riding on more tractors. The kids thought it was great to pet the baby dairy cows.

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