Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Fun!!!

One of our favorite past times in the summer is going to the beach. And seeing that we live so close we usually keep the car packed and ready to go whenever we simply "feel" like it:) Well, today was one of those days and man was it absolutely beautiful!!!!! Kailyn loves to swim and Will loves to dig in the sand......which means this mommy has gotten more time in the sun this year! Today, however, when we arrived it was yellow flag and then was changed mid-morning to red flag. So out came the life jacket and an adult was required for my water rat to swim.....and seeing that we met a few friends out there it worked out pretty well and she was still able to swim to her hearts content. Will tried the water for a little while but wasn't too big on all the huge waves!If only summer could last forever.....I really don't want it to end this year, but here it is already August! What a memorable summer it has been....our first stitches, swimming without any help, jumping in without anyone to catch and many other things I'm sure I'm forgetting.....God is so good!

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