Friday, February 6, 2009

"A" Box

We have spent the month of January learning the letter A and it's sound. Kailyn has done pretty well and enjoys trying to trace the letters too! I found a Christian homeschool Bible study website that has the alphabet and tons of activities to help teach them that are Bible-based. The "A" was an ant with the verse from Proverbs 6:6 where it talks about watching the ant and how hard they work and learning to be wise. So not only was she learning a letter, but also some words from the Bible!

Now that the month is over, we went on a scavenger hunt to find things that start with the "A" sound. We put any items that we found in a box and we have been talking about their sound! We found an ant, alligator, address, Ammonia label, animal book, apple, and some letter A's that she picked out of several letters! Kailyn had so much fun searching for things (even though she really had no clue unless I asked her, except for apple, which she said right away!).

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