Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Marble Hearts

Monday morning the kids were up bright and early (suprising because they stayed up late for the Super Bowl)! The morning was beginning to drag so we got started with some of our Valentine's Day crafts. We cut a heart out of cardstock paper and put it in a box. Then we took marbles and dipped them in red, purple, white and pink paint. We put the painted marbles in the box and the kids rolled them around on their hearts. It makes a really cool pattern and they are really colorful! Even little ones like Will can do this and it's a self-contained mess:) The hearts turned out great and Kailyn is already singing some of the songs I taught her for Valentine's day.

Will needs to stand up or he's too little to really move his box around!

Here's the finished hearts! They look great kids:)

We also had time to build a fort before lunch and the kids just sat underneath it and read their books. My kids could spend hours just looking at and "reading" books. Kailyn has even begun to read some really repetitive stories (like Brown Bear, Brown Bear) to Will. Too cute! I love that you guys are so easily entertained and love books:)

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  1. Love doing the marble painting with Kaitlyn too - it makes a usually messy activity not so messy!